Monday, August 8, 2011

An Army of Ermas Day: Salute to the General

Stacey, welcome to your holiday! Happy An Army of Ermas Day!

Today we’re celebrating our editor and general in charge of the weirdness, Stacey Graham. She’s the brains and brawn behind the Ermas website, a mostly thankless job. Today we remedy that.

An Army of Ermas has meant something to each and every one of us. Seventeen months is a long time in web life, and Stacey has worked hard to get our names out there and make the site a popular stop for readers. She did all this while having tons of her own work to do. (Does digitally stalking Daniel Craig qualify as work? It should.)

So, what did An Army of Ermas do for me? It toughened me up, soldier! My writing became sharper after watching others work, more creative by learning to write to a theme, and tighter by self-editing until the wee hours so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in public. It also reawakened my ticklish muse who loves to laugh.

My fellow Ermas make me snort tea on a daily basis, and I’ve seen a few shy ones blossom into something wonderful. We’re a very diverse group who comes together in one place to make folks chuckle. It’s all because one talented, crazy granola-making, ghost-chasing, Chuck Norris-loving lady decided to do something fun. Stacey is a fantastic editor: she’s the ninja master of Carrot-and-Stick Fu. She’s kind, patient and quick with a joke or a guiding hand when needed. Herding this crowd is like filing snakes in a Rolodex, but she does it with style.

Thanks, Stacey, for being awesome. General? Nah. Hail to the king, baby.