Friday, May 6, 2011

First Friday AW Review: Love Is Like A Rainbow by Dawn Colclasure

Today’s AW First Friday review is a poetry book…right after the end of National Poetry Month. What can I say? I’m a rebel, and there should be poetry in every month.

There’s a lot to love about Love Is Like A Rainbow by Dawn Colclasure. Every poem is a love letter with a different address: some to a lover, some to a friend, others to a greater power above, and a few to the reader's own heart. Each paints a vivid picture, and I even choked up reading a few, something I don't do often. Colclasure is a master of structured verse, and her giving heart shows through in each and every page, from surviving the pain of heartbreak to rejoicing in passion.

That said, my favorite poem is an unrhymed free verse called “Holding You.” It's sensual and intimate without being naughty. I approach poetry like jazz, free form with twists and turns, so it makes sense that this one would appeal to me. I hope Colclasure steps out more with free form and takes a few risks, because her riffs would be fabulous. I also adore “Don’t Cry Now,” a soothing lullaby of the heart. I can visualize these words passing between friends as one comforts another after all seems lost.

LOVE IS LIKE A RAINBOW would make a great gift for a sentimental significant other; in fact, there are many poems in this slim volume that would be perfect for a wedding or vow renewal. You can even buy it for yourself and re-live all your own bittersweet memories of the heart. It's available from GypsyShadow Publishing in ebook or print form.


Dawn Wilson said...

Wow, thank you for such a fantastic review!! I was really blown away by such a positive review of my poetry book. The long journey to publication has been worth it. Gypsy Shadow Publishing has been fabulous to work with and I'm thrilled my poetry book finally found such a good home. I'm glad you liked "Holding You"; I wrote that one for my husband. Once in a great while, I manage to pull off a good free verse poem, and I hope to write more of them in the near future. Thank you, Beth, for taking the time to review my book. I have included this link on my Web site.

Denise Bartlett said...

Hi, Beth!
Thanks so much for reading Dawn's poetry and agreeing with me. I really like what she does with the language and am happy to be her editor at Gypsy Shadow!

Unknown said...

Dawn & Denise, you're welcome! Keep up the good work! :)