Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Nerds Use Science to Decipher Ancient, Destroyed Scrolls

Every book nerd is still upset about the Library of Alexandria. But the library of Herculaneum might not be as lost as we thought. Mount Vesuvius did a number on the 1800 scrolls in 79 CE, and the library was buried under 80 feet of ash which hardened into stone. But, according to Jake Rossen of Mental Floss, researchers at the University of Kentucky are using CT scanners, computer modeling and artificial intelligence to unwrap and read two scrolls virtually. For the whole story, check out Mental Floss. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New Book Store Planned for Southwest Missouri

Southwest Missouri will have a new bookstore to enjoy later this year, thanks to Jennifer Murvin and Kory Cooper, who recently purchased a historic home in Springfield and are converting that space into Pagination Bookshop. The home already boasts built-in shelving, and the new owners plan to decorate a cupboard under the stairs with a Harry Potter theme. Eventually, Murvin and Cooper will also open rooms upstairs as a bed and breakfast, and have plans for author signings and other events in the shop itself. Pagination Bookshop is located on East Walnut Street, near downtown Springfield.

More about the new venture at the Springfield News-Leader, or you can visit the Pagination Bookshop page on Facebook.