Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspirational surplus

I saw a truck go past yesterday marked "Christian Book Outlet and Inspirational Surplus." Although that last part had a completely different meaning, those two words grabbed the keys, gassed up my imagination, and roared off.

I love the thought of inspirational surplus, a warehouse full of ideas, notions and wild theories. In my mind, it looks like the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, managed by Dr. Seuss characters and hobbits. Tiny nuggets of inspiration spark in my brain all day long, especially when I go outside in the big, wide world. I obey the laws of writerdom and keep a notebook and pen with me, because snippets of conversation, fluttering brochures, and tiny acts of human nature constantly keep me entertained. Sometimes they end up being articles, essays or blog posts. Other times, they just feed the fire of my fancy.

Either way, it's so much livelier and positive than "I have an overactive imagination and too many ideas." Instead, I'm going to say, "I enjoy inspirational surplus."

Hope you have a bit of inspirational surplus in your day, too.

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