Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surviving the Snow-in

Here in the South, we expect a little snow. It’s fun, it’s fluffy, it melts. This winter, however, has been a brute. As I emerge from a five-day forced respite from society, I have a few notes to myself for the next round of storms.

1. Buy emergency chocolate.

2. Make sure emergency chocolate (and anything else you may need) is not in the car when the freezing rain, ice and snow comes. Otherwise it’s like storing your treats in a snowglobe: you know they’re in there, but you’re not getting them anytime soon.

3. Whatever pre-storm shopping list you’re making, add liquor to it.

4. Cabin fever really isn’t a fever—it’s more of an all-over brain itch. And reality TV just makes it chafe.

5. No matter how small your living space, find a corner for a few minutes a day to spend some time alone. Maybe if you could get into the @!#$% frozen car.

6. Charge up all your devices so if the power goes out, you can tweet about how freakin’ cold you are.

7. Plan to buy secondary back-up emergency chocolate.

8. Learn that carrying wood, breaking through ice and making snow angels all count as workouts.

9. Take comfort that somewhere you will find a Buffy, Doctor Who or T.J. Hooker marathon. You did get liquor, right?

10. When you finally make it out into civilization, try not to attack the first person you see like a crazed weasel starved for conversation. It’s very difficult to buy chocolate when the grocery clerk has a restraining order against you.

So, what tips do you have for surviving this winter? Share!

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MelonyGray said...

I really can't say. I live in phoenix. (sorry) :) but if I did live in freezing weather I would make sure that I had 1) a good book 2) some kind of light source so that I know I could always read that book 3) a blanket 4) fuzzy socks 5) hot tea 6) another blanket.