Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not Even Close to Almost Famous

“If you ever get lonely, just go to the music store and visit your friends.”-Penny Lane, Almost Famous

I started freelancing the same year that movie came out. A friend taped it off PPV for me since it was about a magazine writer. I watched it every day during a long lunch break between scouring the Internet for writing opportunities and creating press releases and newsletter copy for local businesses. Aside from the fact that it featured a tiny part by my fave musician, Peter Frampton, it showed the writer’s life to be hopeful, delusional and frustrating all at the same time. Virginity-popping threesomes and epic rock tours aside, it still resonates with me today; the main character is constantly worried about deadlines and getting the job done.

I remembered the movie quote above when I could finally go to the bookstore, pick up a magazine and see my name. It became more relevant as I gained writer friends online; I began to look for their bylines too. Magazine articles became books, and I loved each rare time I found a friend’s name on a shelf.

Now, 95 percent of my writing community is online and those names are bountiful in the stacks. Last time I went to Barnes & Noble, I bought four books, each one by someone I already knew via Absolute Write, Twitter or Facebook. I learn from them, admire them and feel like I’m in on something special. It’s a delicious thrill, one that I’m eager to share whenever my book finally finds an agent, a publisher, and a space on that shelf. My time is coming. Until then, I have social media, texting and e-mail.

But when I feel lonely, I still go to the bookstore and visit my friends.


Jeanette Levellie said...

And isn't it fun? I'm experiencing this same lovely phenomenon--loaning a book to a lady in our Bible study and saying as nonchalantly as possible, "This was written by a friend of mine."

Someday they'll be visiting the bookstores to hang out with you and I, Sweetie.

Unknown said...

Thanks! That's the thought keeping me in the trenches, LOL. We'll get there together! :)

Maria Sondule said...

This is great! I love your blog!
I love going to bookstores too, though I don't visit my friends there... mostly I read, or if i do bring a friend, we pick a really hilarious book and make jokes about it as we read it.