Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MicheleT and the Winners

There's a lot of reasons to like Michele Tune, and not just because she hands out free stuff on a regular basis. She's a prolific writer, top-notch blogger, and has the enviable position of always been passionate on whatever subject she's writing about, a true gift for anyone making their living via keyboard. She's survived domestic abuse, obesity, and recent family tragedies to become a strong woman who espouses healthy living and doing the right thing for yourself and others. After being through so much in her life, Michele retains a heartening innocence and charm that makes me want to shield her eyes from the nightly news. She also loves arranging contests on her blogs, so consider this a blatant plug.

Her blogs Healing With Juices and Writing the Cyber Highway always display a positive, sunny yet realistic outlook on life, the universe and everything, but at the same time, her writing is professional and jam-packed with information. She also writes for Raw People and is featured in the new Uncle John's Certified Organic Bathroom Reader. In addition to all that, she offers freelance writing services as well. If my abs were as strong as her work ethic, I'd be wearing belly shirts all year long.

She's on every social network under the sun, quite an accomplishment for someone who lives on an Amish farm. You want 'green' information and news? She's the real thing, baby. Check her out today, network with her, learn from her. You may not win a contest, but you'll definitely win a friend.


Stephanie said...

Every bit of it true. I feel she is my friend, through the net, always friendly. Going through life holding hands. Bliss.

EagleHawk said...

I completely agree with you. Anyone that is her friend should be lucky to be her friend. She is an inspiration, and a hero.

Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

Wow, you and EagleHawk have truly just made me blush, made me cry, and made me speechless! I'm so very honored and touched that you feel this way about me. Truly, I am.

Bless you for writing such kind words about me!!!


Amy Mullis said...

I'll be sure to check out those blogs. And if I'm ever in the position to need, say, a clever author cover bio or obituary written, I want you to do it!

Cyn @ said...

I'm reading this two months post de facto, but I just wanted to chime in with a big "I agree!" Michele is the best! She's got such a refreshingingly sunny personality. :)