Monday, December 17, 2007

All work and no blog

I really wish I was one of those people who could blog every day. In a way, I do. I write blog posts in my head while I'm driving or cleaning house or chasing the puppies to put them in their pen for the night. Problem is, I also have a bad memory, and those posts just disappear into the ether when my brain is distracted by an incoming dog disaster, a business phone call, or something shiny dangling from a tree branch. (Darn those wind chimes!)

The work always comes first, and I've been very blessed this year. The blessings continue this month, as I race to get interviews before everyone goes 'Poof!' on Christmas Eve. My mind is blotchy with welts from multiple rounds of phone tag, I often wander out into public with my headset on, dragging the phone somewhere behind me like a cat toy, and I have yet to find gloves that keep my hands warm while I type and still allow less than 27 mistakes per line.

But, honestly, it's a good life. I'm doing what I always imagined: I'm a professional writer. Checks come on a nearly frequent basis in my name. I get those wonderful 'professional discount' coupons in the mail for magazine subscriptions. (Yes, they get me every time. Who can resist two years of helpful, womanly hints for $10?)

So, if I suddenly pop into your mind for no apparent reason, just know that you've probably been mentioned in an imaginary blog post, written on passing clouds like all creative thoughts, able to be read only by meditating monks and the Dalai Lama. Hey, he's laughing with you, not at you. And he loved the cats playing paintball calendar idea I had for Dawn but never posted.

I'd also like to correct a link for a friend of mine. JR recently began a new blog after I tagged him with the latest meme making the rounds. He's a newbie writer, very creative, and he's working on a book about local history. He's also finished NaNoWriMo a few times, and has a lot of talent. Now, if he would just submit something...somewhere. Anywhere. (Hint. I'm talking to you, JR.)


Danette Haworth said...
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Danette Haworth said...

I'm doing what I always imagined: I'm a professional writer.

That's wonderful!

Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

We really write some brilliant posts on the clouds don't we? I try to scrawl ideas into a notepad when I can but very few of them actually reach the page.

I don't blog every day but even the three days a week I do blog can be challenging. Today for example I should get a post written. I know what I'll focus on but have been putting it off for hours already because I really don't want to work through this migraine. Of course the migraine is my own fault because I stayed up working too late last night.

Sometimes being a professional writer isn't all it seems like it should be.

Arachne Jericho said...

If your job is to blog everyday, then you should. If your job is to generally write, then who cares (as much) about the blog? If you blog at all, that's great!

Congratulations on being a professional writer--that's as good as it gets! :)

Dawn said...

There are actually baseball tarot cards in existence. And cat tarot. (I don't like the deck).

But no cats playing paintball calendars. Although... hmm.. hubby is a photographer, and I have four cats and a ton of paintball gear. :D Could be fun! :D