Monday, November 12, 2007


I saw a shirt on that summed it up pretty well: 'Procrastination is crack for writers.' It's spot on, because putting work off is something we can't help, and can't stop without a 12-step program. I may be the worst offender of all time, because I have a list of ideas and writing to-dos that literally stretches back weeks, months and years.

For example: I've been meaning to mention Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents blog for a long time. He's the editor of the annual print edition, and has the latest on new agents, closing agencies, who's reading what, and where new writers should send their work. Chuck keeps the blog updated, and should be an essential resource for every fiction writer. He's also a nice guy and a great speaker, so if he comes to a conference near you, definitely drop by to hear his session.

There. One thing off the list. Now, I just have to fill out the list some more to avoid working on my next article. Then, I'll work on the article to avoid blogging. After that, I'll blog to avoid my to-do list. See, it all works out in the end.


Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

You've discovered the key to productive procrastination! I've found how efficient it is to use laundry as an excuse not to write. Since I NEED to do laundry it's entirely justified. I've also found having a task I HAVE to do that day helps because when it's 11PM the cogs all fall into place and I use the hour before midnight to cram that project all together. :-D

Jen said...

You're sounding a lot like me on the procrastinatino front. I procrastinate to avoid transcription ( now) so I blog or write. I blog or check e-mail to procrastinate on writing (or editing, seems like I'm doing a lot more of that lately than anything else). And so on. :)


Michele said...

Gee, am I alone in the fact that I could write for eons and let the laundry "hang out" somewhere ;0)

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