Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Nano cometh

Only a week until NaNoWriMo starts! Eeek! I've sorta plotted out my novel about young zombies in love, but it could use some more outlining. The novel is called 'Working Stiffs,' and it's a tale of twentysomethings working, unliving, and loving in a mixed-life world. Imagine 'Shaun of the Dead' meets 'Friends,' with a dash of Kevin Smith films thrown in for good measure. In addition to that, I've got a kick-off party to plan, plus write-ins, so, no, I'm not stressed at all.

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Dawn said...

Watched Shaun of the Dead stuck in Maine the other night! Great movie. And Friends? AND Kevin Smith??
I'm sold. :)

Have you ever watched Dead Like Me, a short-lived HBO series? It doesn't have zombies--the main characters are grim reapers--but for some reason it came to mind when you described your book.