Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This day is the holidapocalypse for geek celebrations—pick one, or get creative with the costuming and go for all four; personally, we think that a towel-toting Jedi with a lilac corsage and duct-taped glasses would sweep any costume contest held today.

Don’t forget your towel, and don’t panic! Towel Day celebrates the work of author Douglas Adams, who wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Feel free to celebrate any way you want, you zarkin’ frood—read a book, show off your “42” tattoo or lay down in front of a demolition if you’re feeling very brave and somewhat stupid.

This is also Geek Pride Day, a chance to wear your dice bag out in the open or argue over the virtues of Apple vs. Linux.

Of course, this is Star Wars Day, the annual celebration of the first movie’s release date in 1977, which was really the fourth movie and the official first movie was released fourth. Confused you are? It all makes sense in a galaxy far, far away.

Finally, May 25 marks a tongue-in-cheek serious note ( like there’s any other kind with Discworld fans.) This is Wear the Lilac Day, which mixes a fictional holiday with a real cause in true nerd style. Originally written into the Discworld mythos by Pratchett as a day to remember those lost in the Glorious Revolution of Treacle Mine Road, it’s now also a day for fans to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s Disease, which Pratchett now suffers from.

Any holiday that makes me choose between Adams and Pratchett is a tough one, but my lilac towel and Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (yea for TeeFury!) t-shirt await.

How will you celebrate today?


Anonymous said...

Eek! I've already worn all my lilac clothes this week! I'll send out 'Positive Alzheimer's Vibes' via my telekinesis machine. Auntybug embroidered a towel for Hubs that says Hoopy Frood. So I'll make sure he uses it today. And I'll watch Star Wars while on the treadmill. :) Geeks of the world, assimilate!!

Beth Bartlett said...

I wore my HGTG one noticed. I need a geekier town, LOL.

Holly said...

I am celebrating Star Wars Day a bit late. My seven year old nephew has never seen them and I'm taking IV, V & VI over to his house this weekend for a marathon. He's super-excited!

And the legend continues...