Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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This is Cinnamon. He is vividly illustrating my frustration this week. For the last few days, real life has been sticking its sneaky head into my writing time, and work that should take one day is taking two or three. Grrrr. That's when I become especially vulnerable to distraction, like waiting for Cinnamon to fall asleep in a faceplant, then grabbing the camera.

Now that Cinnamon has had his few minutes of fame, I'm going back to work, and perhaps I'll get finished before Daylight Savings Time starts in March. ;)


Danette said...

Cinnamon is so cool! I hate when my writing time gets stolen from me. A pox on appointments and phone calls!

Kappa no He said...

So adorable! I agree with danette's call for a pox, ha ha. There is nothing that will put me in a snotty mood faster than having my writing schedule sidelined for something I'd rather not be doing...but must.