Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review: Stacey Graham and The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide

Knock, knock, Boo's there? It's THE GIRLS' GHOST HUNTING GUIDE, a fun and informative book from Stacey Graham. While this book is mainly aimed at kids, I truly enjoyed it, especially the stories about the history of Spiritualism and mediums. (I had no idea that medium D.D. Home performed his otherworldly talents for such people as Napoleon III and one of my favorite poets of all time, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.)

Graham also features profiles of modern-day ghost hunters and mediums, plus urban legends, ghost stories, ghost-hunting checklists, quizzes and activities. Ever wonder how to use a pendulum or find spirits with dowsing rods? Plan ghostly parties with games, movie suggestions and nifty recipes? It's all in there.

If this had been around when I was a kid, it would have received a place of honor on the bookshelf next to all my Nancy Drew books. I would have also been less scared and more informed when I had my own experiences with the paranormal. If you have adventurous children, boys or girls, get this book for them, or you can just get it for yourself, put on your comfy PJs and feel like a giggly 11-year-old again.

THE GIRLS' GHOST HUNTING GUIDE by Stacey Graham is published by Sourcebooks and available in paperback and PDF.

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